Finding Freedom – 12. Hell has a file with your name on it

July 22, 2018

Justin Kane | July 22, 2018
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Please understand,

Satan is an expert in our weaknesses and he is a genius in scheming an approach to our vulnerabilities…

Author and pastor David Jeremiah shared these words…

“If You Could Sneak Into Satan’s Office, Wherever That Might Be And Take A Peek Into His Files, You Might Be Surprised To Find A File Folder With Your Name On It. He Keeps A File On You, And Inside That File Are All The Strategies He’s Tried On You—The Ones That Have Worked And The Ones That Have Failed. He Doesn’t Waste His Time With The Ones That Don’t Work Anymore. Instead, He Uses Variations On The Strategies That Have Caused You To Stumble In The Past. As Long As They Keep Working, He Keeps Using Them…”