The Gospel – 12. We are in the LOVING business!

September 23, 2018

Justin Kane | September 23, 2018
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I believe God’s spirit is moving here today. Speaking to each one of us. I truly believe that we are all collectively catching the heart of God. And when we do, only God knows what will happen. Not within these walls, but outside of these walls as we GO and allow the gospel to not only touch us but also our communities.

Col. 1:28a
28–29 Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth…

The goal for all of us is not Sunday although us gathering together is so important. The goal (if there is one) is us being sons and daughters representing our Father wherever we go, wherever we work whomever we see throughout the week and meeting people right where they are with God’s love.

Its about meeting people right where they are. No hoops for them to jump through. No conditions. No judgments. Just loving people right where they are with God’s love & power so He can transform them.

Imagine a community of believers like that

Remember we are in the Loving business. God is in the transformation business.

We do our part – LOVE people. God will do His part – TRANFORM lives.

At New Day we LOVE endlessly, relentlessly and passionately AND I know as a result God will transform many lives through our efforts.

People all around us are crying out to God in their pain and confusion. They are looking for someone to come around them in these vulnerable places and be a conduit for the love of God.

God wants to pour Himself out through us.

Whose ready to allow God to do that in and through your life?