Stretch Marks – 2. Every circumstance contains an UPGRADE!

August 5, 2018

Justin Kane | August 5, 2018
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But in order for Him to get us from where we are to where He is calling us to, He will place us in situations that are intended to stretch our faith in order to grow our faith.Let me explain why! (muscles stretching)

Joseph, Joshua, abraham, moses, esther, etc…

Please remember this, God is relational before functional…

God wants us to know Him in the same way that He knows us.

And In every circumstance there is an upgrade/gift from Him for us.

He is always looking to upgrade us in His love, joy, peace and favor for our lives.

(upgrade example)

When we begin to acknowledge and know what the Father is really like, we can relax/rest in Him. We trust Him as a much loved child. That’s because our father is Faithful, and we understand that we can depend on Him completely. That’s a good place to start each day.

So remember: You are wonderfully loved. You are cared for. Your heavenly Father is responsible for you. Rest in that, relax in Him and your trust will continually grow.