Brand:New – 5. Jesus wants His stuff back!

October 21, 2018

Justin Kane | October 21, 2018
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God sees you COMPLETE in Christ. (as a new baby)
He sees you in fullness.
He sees you being made in the image of Jesus.
He sees you from your place of destiny not your place of Insecurity.

Why? Because He placed you into Christ. Thus Your old man Is dead. And the spirit of Christ NOW dwells within you!

So When God looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong with you because He did away with all those things that were wrong with you and place it onto Jesus on the cross.

When he died you then died. That’s why Paul could say – “I have been crucified with Christ!”

He only sees what’s missing in your experience of Him, and He has every intention of providing it for you and I.

God took everything that was not right about you—not just your sins. He took all your negativity, lack of peace, anxiety, worries, fears insecurities… everything that was working against you. He took it all away from you, and He put it onto Jesus.

I remember sharing a picture with you when Jesus was saying “give me my stuff back!”

So every day our prime objective is to learn how to receive God’s view of us, His purpose for us, His thoughts toward us and His work within us. All equals His Love!