Relentless – 5. Love has the power to raise other up!

May 13, 2018

Justin Kane | May 13, 2018
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My heart is soooooo stirred as I hope to properly convey to you the wonderful things God is showing me regarding all of us entering a LIFESTYLE of love. Wherever we go, whomever we come in contact with.

Let me start by saying, I FEEL very inadequate to minister to you on this subject, because I don’t want to be perceived as an expert or like I have this altogether and I don’t want to appear as though I am so far beyond you all that I have this LOVE lifestyle down. I DON’T.

The very heart beat for everyone in Christ is contained in this one statement: let LOVE compel & drive you in what you say, how you relate with others and what you do for others.

Last week was a service I will always cherish. Because I believe God upgraded us. To a newer way of SEEING and THINKING about His love for us and our love for others.

Please remember, God Desires To Transform His People… Everyone Of Us… From A People Who “Try To Earn” His Love To A People Who “Live In Response” To His Love…

Never doubt that you are absolutely and completely loved by God. Be SECURE, You are His beloved. Your role in life is to simply RECEIVE God’s love, return it to Him, and as a conduit pass it along to everyone around you.

Our Heavenly Father has poured His love into our spirits And I can hear Him say these words over us –

“I love you with all of My heart, all of My soul, all of My mind, and all of My strength.  Everything in Me is dedicated to loving you.  I’ve poured My love into you and you now have the pleasure of giving it back to Me and spreading it to others.”

This is our greatest blessing: we are LOVED passionately by God.

God gives love not by measure, but in fullness. There are NO degrees in the love of Heaven. Love is love, God is love, and thus so are we.

This message of LOVE is not about what you need to DO or how you need to ACT, but it has everything to do with CATCHING God’s heart for you and His heart for people.

Love has the power to raise someone up to WHO God sees them to be. Love is raising you up into your sonship. Love is HOW God relates to you.

Last week God gave me a picture that I shared with you all – of God raising us up. So then we are able to go LOVE others who need raising!

We must first and foremost RECEIVE God’s Love and allow ourselves to be a conduit of that LOVE wherever we go. We are in the LOVING business. There are hurting people everywhere. With pain, discouragement, disappointment and despair.

Love does not control another’s destiny nor stifle their identity. We can suffocate people with our expectations and demands. (I did this to my wife for many years). Love releases people. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. It is not our responsibility to change people but to give love freely and without strings. We earn the right to give advice. Loving-kindness opens up the door for God to invade their life.

Love is a willingness to share the journey and be part of the story.

We must never forget, LOVE has a name! His name is Jesus. Its not about DOING love, but allowing Jesus to LOVE through you as He desires to. Its about capturing His heart for people. About seeing people through His eyes. About meeting people right where they are with God’s Love so they can be transformed!

We love because we want to be an expression of who Jesus is for us. We love without strings or expectation of reward.