Finding Freedom – 7. The 4 levels of freedom

July 15, 2018

Justin Kane | July 15, 2018
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My focus this month is to release FREEDOM into this place. Into your life. My intention is never to just preach in order to make you happy, but to prayerfully preach you to a place where you experience freedom.

What do I mean by that?

I desperately care for and want to help you see results in your walk with God. We have a mission, collectively, to rise up into our sonship, represent our father and reach people right where they are and help them walk in the freedom that Christ has so graciously given to us.

That is why you walking in freedom is so important.

Freedom is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. And the good news is, ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

There is NO burden on you to BECOME FREE! None. No pressure. There is only PERMISSION for you to discover how free you really are in Christ.

Over the last two weeks I have attempted to clearly show you that you are free from whatever it is that seemingly has you bound… no longer do you need to search for, earn or strive to get… You are free… from – anger, lust, addiction, worry, fear, offense, etc…

You name it… You are free!

But I want to clarify this morning what that means. As I thought about and was preparing for this message, I realized there are levels of freedom.

The 1st is to realize and believe that you are free.

The 2nd is to understand that you are free from the power of something not necessarily the cycle/habit/fight of something.

The 3rd phase is learning how to walk in that freedom so you can break free from the cycle or habit that is lingering with you.

And the final 4th phase is total and complete victory in an area that once held you back or you struggled with.

What I see so clear in the scriptures is this truth – God is not content with you just being free or an overcomer. He wants to mold you into being MORE THAN A CONQUEROR.

Rom. 8.37 (NKJV) Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.